Almacenes Checo


On December 29th, 2016: Almacenes Checo SRL, signed the Family Protocol trying to conserve the heritage generation to generation.


Almacenes Checo, Established in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, with more tan 30 years of experience offering services in a secure and trustworthy way.


We have a vast fleet management, ensuring the best distribution nation-wide and an on time delivery.


Qualified sales team, covering the entire nation.

About Us

Almacenes Checo, S.R.L. established as a C. por A., in 1984, Av. Valerio #12 Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, dedicated to the distribution of consumable and not consumable items of renown brands, covering the north portion of the nation.

In 1987 the range of products offered increased, covering up 75% of the country; from Villa Altagracia, Samana, to Dajabon; all of the north, northeast, and west coast. Also beginning the importation of cod and herring from Norway and the East, King Bell's sardines as well.

On November 6th, 2001, the Company moved to a new location on Autopista Duarte Km. 6, Canabacoa, Santiago de los Caballeros, increasing the storage capacity, offering our providers more availability on product sales.

In 2009 negotiations with China started, importing 13.6 Kg bags of powdered detergent, with our registered brand BOXER; dabbling on the international market and diversifying our products.

Today Almacenes Checo, S.R.L. is a family company which has strengthen its influence on a corporative level, in order to transcend in the food and cleaning department, for our country's pride.


We are a top quality merchandise distribution company on the consumable and non-consumable products, having a highly qualified and company identified staff; offering an excellent service and efficent delivery.


To be a leading company on the consumable and non-consumable market on a national and international level, diversifying our merchandise range and increasing our client scope.


  • Service
  • Loyalty
  • Solidarity


In Almacenes Checo SRL, our commitment of service has demonstrated throughout the years, punctuality on deliveries, becoming one of our top priorities.

Sales and Distribution
Product Importation
Distribution Channel
All around the Nation

Count on us

We have every single facility to facilitate offering an excellent service.

Wide warehouse area, fleet management and qualified personnel, are the perfect combination to offer our clients with the best of services.

  • Importation and Commercialization of Goods
  • Distribution Channels.
  • Guaranteed Delivery in approximately 48 hours.

Fleet Management

Wide fleet management, ensuring punctuality on our deliveries in approximately 48 hours.

Distribution Points

Wide and spacious warehouse area which allows us to hold on to more merchandise according to the clients' demands.


Our personnel is qualified to offer you the best services, always keeping your needs in mind.


Contact Us

Phone Numbers: 809 570 7117 - 18 - 19
Toll Free: 809 200 2216
Fax: 809 570 7120

Autopista Duarte km. 6, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.